Meet Vismaya in Person & Activate Your Gratitude to a Whole New Level!

"Gratitude is like a muscle. The more we train our brain to
look for the good, the more good we find." ~ Vismaya

Michele Vismaya Rubin is on a mission to help people celebrate the deliciousness in life. Through a gratitude practice, she teaches people to savor their experiences while connecting to the lessons they are supposed to learn. She is an entrepreneur, educator, bestselling author, and world traveler. Her friends call her Vismaya, a name she was given in India which means surprise or wonder.  For her, life is full of surprises. She believes that if we don’t accept the gifts life offers, they stop coming.

As a high school teacher in South Florida, Vismaya brought the practice of gratitude to her students and encouraged them to find things to be grateful for every day (it was actually part of their homework!) Student after student shared that since they started their lives are better than ever and their grades improved.

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Presentation Topics:

Gratitude in the Workplace: The Thank You Shift

During this presentation, Vismaya will share how the act of simply saying "thank you" in the workplace increases productivity and sales. Creating moments of Gratitude is the easiest way to improve morale and efficiency while creating a culture of appreciation.


GRATITUDE in Schools:  The GRATEFUL Mindset

During this presentation, Vismaya will share ideas on how to get students to own their GRATITUDE practice, create Moments of GRATITUDETM  and how this practice creates positive, happy, productive kids who become positive, happy, productive adults.

From Grumpy to GRATEFUL

During this presentation, Vismaya will share  3 simple, yet powerful  techniques on how to create Moments of GRATITUDETM in order to reduce stress, increase joy,

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North Wilksboro, NC

October 7
Vendor: Brushy Mountain Apple Festival
Look for us at Booth 283 Area 7
Details at

Orlando, FL

October 13-15
Guest Presenter: The 10th Annual UnConference.
Hosted by Women's Prosperity Network
Details & Registration at


Boca Raton, FL

October 28
Vendor:     Festival of Crafts
Hosted by Our Lady of Lourdes


Miami, FL

November 4
Guest Presenter & Vendor: Bodhi and Mind Holistic Festival
Presentation begins at 1:15pm
Hosted by: Cauley Square Historic Village


Fort Lauderdale, FL

December 2
Vendor:     VegFest
Location:  War Memorial Auditorium 12 pm-6pm
Hosted by:


Cassadaga, FL

February 10
Vendor:     Spiritualist Camp Gala Day
Location:  Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp 10 am- 4 pm
Hosted by: