Meet Vismaya in Person & Activate Your Gratitude to a Whole New Level!

"Gratitude is like a muscle. The more we train our brain to look for the good, the more good we find." ~ Vismaya

Michele Vismaya Rubin is on a mission to help people celebrate the deliciousness in life. Through a gratitude practice, she teaches people to savor their experiences while connecting to the lessons they are supposed to learn. She is an entrepreneur, educator, bestselling author, and world traveler. Her friends call her Vismaya, a name she was given in India which means surprise or wonder.  For her, life is full of surprises. She believes that if we don’t accept the gifts life offers, they stop coming.

As a high school teacher in South Florida, Vismaya brought the practice of gratitude to her students and encouraged them to find things to be grateful for every day (it was actually part of their homework!) Student after student shared that since they started their lives are better than ever and their grades improved.

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Gratitude in the Workplace: The Thank You Shift

During this presentation, Vismaya will share how the act of simply saying "thank you" in the workplace increases productivity and sales. Creating moments of Gratitude is the easiest way to improve morale and efficiency while creating a culture of appreciation.

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Guest Presenter: The 10th Annual UnConference.
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